Monday, November 30, 2009

Sweater 1 and 7 of 9

As you know i have taken on a hefty amount of knitting projects for this years Christmas/birthday giving haul. I am currently working on 9 sweaters as well as some smaller projects. I will feature sweater number 1 now, though technically it's not the sweater i started first, it's just the first one i finished blocking. This sweater is for my nephew Gabriel who is 5 years old. Over the years Gabriel has been my main focus for knitting. I have knit him a number of sweaters and toys since he was a baby. My sister even had him photographed professionally with two dinosaur toys and a dinosaur blanket i made him. I think that may have been more for my benefit though. I will post pictures of Clappy and Brainiac later. Those were the names we gave to the dinosaurs.

For Christmas i'm knitting Gabriel a raglan sweater. It has a matching toque as well that i did. Complete with a fun pom pom. I have done the sweater in a size 6 in Paton's Classic Merino Wool. It is 100% Pure New Wool. The colour i'm using is Denim Marl for the main and New Denim for the contrast colour. This sweater should be nice and warm and hopefully stylish.

The fun part is the Sweater 2 of 9 is a matching sweater for Gabriel's dad, my Brother in Law, Gary. It will be really cute seeing them dressed alike. I've got 23 days to finish all these sweaters. I'm feeling pretty good about it.


I got a lot done on the back of the Train Sweater for Gavin last night. I can already tell this sweater is going to be a darning nightmare. It is super cute though so it will be worth it. I'm surprised how quickly this is actually knitting up. I was concerned that with the 2.25mm needles it would take a whole lot longer but it's coming along nicely.

Once again i ran into where the graph was slightly off and i don't know why. It is specifically at where you start binding off for the shoulder. I usually photocopy the graph and then mark off each row as i go. Unless i missed a row, which who knows maybe i did in a sleep deprived knitting obsessed late night moment but i find that with these old knit o graph patterns that this happens a lot. What should be a knit row, where i am to then bind off for the armhole, turns out to be a purl row. I usually have to add in an extra row, which isn't the end of the world but still bothers me that it's off. I'm hoping to have this sweater's parts all knitted up by the end of this week. Then i just need to start sweater 8 of 9 and sweater 9 of 9. Oh did i mention that sweater 9 is done on 2.5mm circular needles using fingering weight yarn? Yeah i'm not going to be able to move my hands for like a month after all this.

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