Sunday, December 20, 2009

So four days till Christmas eve, which is when my family opens presents. I have three sweaters to finish by then. I am really close on all three of them. I'm currently finishing the neck band on my brother-in-laws Raglan sweater. Then i just need to sew together the sleeves and side seams and darn in the ends. I'm making a cute cardigan for each of my two one year old nephews. Both have been blocked and sewn together. I just need to finish the button bands and then sew on the teddy bear pockets.

I have finished one of the Christmas sweaters though. The Raglan for my nephew Gabriel. I also made a matching hat to go with it. The sweater I'm making for my Brother-in-Law is the same sweater just larger. It will be so cute when they wear them at the same time.

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