Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gift Sweater 7 of 9

Today i started sweater 7 of 9 for this holiday season/birthday gift giving haul. I have not only x-mas but three birthdays this December and January to knit for. My approach this year is to knit all the pieces of each sweater (front, back, sleeves) then start the next. What this will leave me with is a pile of sweaters to block, sew and do the necks for just before x-mas. I don't know if that is brilliant or stupid.

The Sweater started today is a Train Pullover for Gavin. My soon to be 2 year old nephew. Thankfully childrens sweaters knit up reasonably quick. I'm using an old Knit O Graph pattern from the 50's so i have to make sure to read it carefully as i find sometimes these patterns can be confusing. For example on another sweater I'm doing, which i will post about later, the graph doesn't match the written instructions. It's those small details that can drive you insane. This one seems to be rather straight forward though so i'm thankful for that. It took a little while to find the right needle size to get the gauge required as i'm using Astra yarn and that is a bit thicker than what the pattern calls for. I'm using super tiny needles for this. 2mm for the ribbing and 2.25 for the main body. I like how Astra knits up (for an acrylic) though so i wanted to use it, plus i have a lot of it in my stash and part of the goal for this years holiday knitopoluza was to use up a bunch of my stash and save money.

More to come later as i feature the other knit projects i'm doing for this holiday season.

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