Friday, November 27, 2009

My first Blog Entry

Everything has a beginning and this is mine.

Welcome to my knitting Blog. My name is Cathrine and I'm a knitter. This blog is going to be about my past, present and future knitting projects. My thoughts, emotional ups and downs regarding knitting.

Currently it is the end of November 2009 and I've been working on my Christmas knits for a couple months now. I plan on buying a condo early in the new year so this year for x-mas i thought I'd dive into my over flowing stash and knit presents for my family and friends. It's not bad when you can knock off 7 Christmas presents and 2 birthday presents all for under $100. Well that's not counting the money that was originally spent on my stashed yarn, but hey that money was spent years ago so that doesn't count right?

In the next couple days I'm planning on uploading photo's of my current projects and then over time start posting my past projects and the history behind them.

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